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Our Leaders


Matt Chesser

Lead Pastor - Shepherd, Visionary, Servant

Pastor Matt became the Lead Pastor of Redemption Church October 26, 2015. He has received his bachelor's degree in Theology and his master's in Pastoral Ministry and has since served in many ministries and callings throughout his life. He has a heart for missions both to the local community and abroad and is married to his amazing wife Alissa Chesser whom they share two beautiful children Moses and Benjamin.


Alissa Chesser

Worship Leader

Whether she is singing and ministering over our congregation on a Sunday morning, leading other mothers in prayer and the Word of God during the midweek, or is practicing piano in her own personal worship time, Alissa has an amazing gift from God to not only sing, but to love any and all who are looking for the Lord. She is a spectacular wife to our pastor and has raised two beautiful boys to continue walking in the path of the Lord.


Isaac Jeter

Production Manager & Music Director

Being both a photographer and musician, Isaac fills multiple roles as our social media coordinator, production manager, and music director with our worship team. He is passionate about communicating the Gospel to the next generation through photography, videography, outreach events, and musical worship to God. 


Rebecca Kunkle

Administrative Assistant, First Impression 

Ms. Becky serves dilligently both behind the scenes and within our community. She tends to our finances, communicates with our resource providers, and is a direct assistant to our pastor. She has two adults daughters who are members of our church and two grandchildren who also often attend. Fun fact: she is also one of the few remaining founding members of our church since our pastor arrived in 2015!


Lee Taylor

Women's Ministry & Prayer Team Leader 

Ms. Lee's passion for scripture and experience as a teacher led her to accept her role as women's ministry leader as well as head of our prayer team. In her free time she can be found on her back porch with her Bible and books, bird watching, and speaking with God. She has been married to her husband Russ since 2004 and her life verse is Colossians 3:23.


Gabby McCarthy

Event Coordinator 

Gabby loves to serve others! Growing up in Dade City, she is currently a pre-school teacher in Pasco County and is married to her husband Chris whom she shares a 13-year-old stepson with. She has faithfully served in many positions within the church since she was a teenager and her greatest passion in life is to serve God.


Lee Taylor

Gathering Grounds Leader 

Lee loves to bake and to serve others. She has a special gift for hospitality and provides that gift for our gathering grounds. She loves to find creative ways for our church to support missions through her ministry.

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