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Redemption Church is a community of believers in Jesus Christ united by the grace of God. Our Lord calls all of His children to seek and save those who are lost, and in turn, we make it our mission to worship God through the growing of His Kingdom. Our leaders and members alike strive to accomplish the goal of the Great Commission: to make disciples of Christ, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and to teach the Gospel to all the earth.

Our Mission

Redemption Church exists to Glorify God our Father through Honoring Jesus Christ our Savior by the Leading and Power of God Holy Spirit.

Our Vision

To equip everyone to do the will of God through the Biblical models of Worship, Community and Life on Mission.

Core Values


Missions & Discipleship

Life on mission and a life given to discipleship are absolutely crucial in follow Jesus. Even if you are not called to serve in a foreign country, there are still mission fields and disciples waiting to be served and welcomed in right outside your front door!


Grace & Mercy

The grace and mercy of God is the greatest gift we could ever receive as it gives us hope for redemption in Christ Jesus. Just as we freely receive it, we must also freely give it as our Father does.


Serving Others

Serving others is a crucial aspect of the Christian faith. Being met with opportunities to serve daily, it is within that service that life is truly found.



God has created everyone on purpose, for a purpose. Whether it is a gift, talent, or desire to bless God as He has blessed you, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are all able to walk in our purpose.


Life of Worship

Praise and worship positions the heart and the mind to receive from God. It honors and glorifies Him as our rightful King and brings peace to His people when they give their whole selves to their creator. 

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God's Holy Word

God's Holy Word is our guiding light, and where the Word of God is absent, so is His Peace and Power.



To be generous with time, talent, and treasure is to testify of the love of God to others. As the body of Christ, when one member is in need, all are in need. By having a heart of generosity, God is able to use each of His children to provide for the least of these.


Anyone & Everyone

We value anyone and everyone because God values anyone and everyone. The house of God is open to all those seeking refuge and repentence in Jesus Christ.


Here at Redemption church we believe all creation was born to worship God. We seek to live a life of worship that extends far beyond songs being sung on a Sunday morning, but we worship Him through the honoring of His Son Jesus in all we do. Jesus deserves all of our worship, adoration, and prayer, for without prayer through the leading and power of The Holy Spirit we cannot accomplish anything in our lives or in our community. 


Since the beginning of time God knew it was not good for man to be alone, nor is it good for us as his children to be alone. As a community joined together by God, we celebrate our difference and recognize them as strengths to be used for his glory. Like a Mosaic, we are nothing but broken, odd, old and young people joined together by the Grace of God.


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Luke 19:10 says: "For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost."

Just as God is on mission to seek and to save those who are lost through the redemption of his Sons death on the cross, we are devoted to this same mission. All of us were born on purpose for a purpose, and here at Redemption we try to equip everyone to fulfill that purpose. All of us are called to win the lost at any cost, and no matter where we are in life, we can be led by The Holy Spirit to bring people to the saving grace of God.

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